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The following advice assumes you have a diagnostic computer & some technical ability in the diagnosis & repair of modern vehicles.

If you don't then you may be better off getting a mechanic to resolve the issues on your vehicle.

On this page you will find some basic information.

On Page 2 you will find more specific information for problems such as engine not starting, heavy steering, abs lights, circuit faults & fault code meanings with tips to help you find the fault.

If your Airbag Light is on or you have a message displayed...

The airbag light is on or you have a warning message displayed because you have either historic fault codes in the module or an active fault on the airbag system.

After a reset it is quite possible it still contains historic or non relevant fault codes because clearing crash data does not always remove historic codes and sometimes because the ecu needs power whilst being reset which introduces new fault codes to the airbag module and these simply need erasing once it's re-installed into the vehicle.

It's also possible that you still have an active fault on the vehicle which needs fixing before the light will go out, either way you will need to connect a diagnostic computer. 

What to do about the airbag light...

STEP 1 - connect a diagnostic computer to the airbag system - there is no point in trying to guess as to the problem, you'll only waste time.

STEP 2 - erase the diagnostic fault codes & exit the airbag system.

STEP 3 - cycle the ignition - to position 2 or start the vehicle & check operation of airbag light. If light remains off it will have been historic fault codes causing it to be on. If the light comes back on the proceed to step 4.

STEP 4 - read the diagnostic fault codes to identify which circuits are causing problems and begin manual multi-meter & visual diagnosis on those circuits (some diagnostic computers have a multi-meter function & may give you ohms readings).

STEP 5 - identify & fix the fault/s and then erase fault codes. (NOTE - fault codes only remain deleted once the fault is successfully fixed)

(TOP TIP - Airbag problems are usually really simple & often caused by the vehicle repairer - look for where human hands have been working, the factory fitted stuff is normally ok on salvage cars. Faults are usually things broken or not replaced or overlooked with faulty pretensioners & damaged connectors being the top causes of faults keeping airbag light on)

No Communication With Airbag Module...

If your diagnostic computer has been unable to establish communication with the airbag system then check these, usually these simple problems cause most problems; 

STEP 1 - check the diagnostic computer is functioning - will it connect to other systems like engine, abs etc, this will also check the can bus network on the vehicle.

STEP 2 - ensure the airbag module is bolted down to the vehicle body and any earth wires are connected, many ecu's will not communicate when not bolted down.

STEP 3 - ensure the airbag module plugs are in properly and that they are locked in place by the securing tabs, also make sure you have not bent any pins when inserting the plugs.

STEP 4 - check the airbag system fuses - usually ok but need to be checked to eliminate.

STEP 5 - try a different diagnostic computer

STEP 6 - with a wiring diagram & multi-meter check the can bus wiring for continuity from obd socket to airbag module - this would be a rare fault but worth checking.

STEP 7 - try a different airbag module - sometimes they can be defective following an airbag deployment.

For further help with fault codes, no starting, no power steering , ABS light on, please visit Page 2;

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